Julia's Ocean World

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Natalie has two parakeets now! I want to have one, too!

My friend Natalie got two parakeets today! One's a boy and one's a girl. I want a parakeet from Pet World. One of those green ones. But Natalie didn't get them at Pet World. That's why hers are prettier than the ones at Pet World. I really want one of those green ones BADLY. Mom said she would talk about it with my dad. Do you think I should have a parakeet? Post on my blog and answer yes or no. Please say yes, yes, yes! I'm dying for a parakeet! I have to have a parakeet! I'll take good, good care of him! Please say yes!

So post on my blog and say yes or no, please. And if you say no, I'll run to my room and cry my little bitty eyes out. So please say yes.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

School, school, school! I want school!

I want school to start now! And I mean that. I'm begging for school to start. School, school, school! I need to go to school! I have to go to school! I need to go to school! I must go to school!

OK. Let's just say Christmas vacation has been a little fun. Well, Christmas was a lot of fun. So was Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. We ate the black-eyed peas and now it's almost time for me to go to bed but I don't want to go to bed so no bed for me. School's going to start this week, but not until Thursday. And it's Sunday instead. So I just can't wait for school to start. I just want to sleep through all the days and make school start right away.

P.S. To everybody else who wants school to start, let's get school on.

King Kong: The Gross Parts You Should Not See

I didn't really see "King Kong." My mom and dad did. Mom said there's this really gross part where these crazy worms try to eat this guy's head. It's really freaky sounding. I used to want to see it, but now, no thanks. If you ask me to, I'll think you're nuts. Oh, back to "King Kong." I heard that these dinosaurs show up and people try to shoot them. It doesn't help at all. Also, all these gross bugs come up and eat people. Advice on this: Never see "King Kong." The new one, of course. Maybe you should see the two old ones. The really old one and the one after that. But not the new one. No, no, no. Not the new one. If you want more advice on King Kong, just ask my mom and dad.