Julia's Ocean World

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Boo! Hoo! School is out!

Last Thursday school was out. And that means no school for the summer. I was pretty sad, but a little part of me wanted school to be out. I'm a little disappointed I can't go to school all year around. But, we're going to go to Sea World this summer. All of this week I get to have swimming lessons. Sunday I'm going to camp. After that I'm going to VBS.

Every night I stay up with a flashlight and read a couple books for the summer reading program at the public library. I've already read 33 books. That means I'm in the 30 section. Today, I checked out a bunch of books. I also saw a bunch of my friends - Grace, Belinda, Natalie, Meagan and Blake.

And right now my baby sister is crying and it's Tuesday at 4:08 PM.