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Friday, March 11, 2005

Fun at the Zoo

Today I saw a baby elephant at the zoo. It was a girl. And we also saw a baboon. I was always wondering if their bottoms were purple or blue. I never really knew that. Today we found out they were purple and white. And we also saw giraffes. The baby giraffe had to have surgery on its leg. Also we saw a humongous pig. It was really fat. We also saw some Chinese alligators. And we saw a gigantic turtle that was almost as big as the kind from when dinosaurs were alive. I thought it was an alligator, it was so big. We also saw this humongous python. And they brought a boa constrictor and a porcupine and a possum and a Harris hawk at one of the animal shows they had. They were all out of their cages. The porcupine and the other animals -- they weren't able to do any tricks. All the porcupine did was eat and leave. And at the gorilla exhibit, none of the gorillas were there. I couldn't believe it. And we also rode the carousel. I rode the dolphin. It was fun. And also, up on top of the carousel, I saw a picture of a river dolphin. My dad was riding the tiger. Right beside me was a pretend bear. So I was between two carnivores. I said, "Daddy! I'm between two carnivores!" We also saw some goldfish and llamas and cows. And we got to pet some goats and sheep. I was afraid one of the goats would bite me. Because you know they eat anything -- even clothes. The sheep's fur was soft. We saw a lionfish, too. We saw some little fish where the alligator and turtles were. I don't know why they put fish and alligators and turtles all together. Wouldn't the alligator eat the fish and turtles? But I bet it would be kind of hard for them to eat the fish because the fish would be way down at the bottom. The last thing we did at the zoo was look at the monkeys. That's were the baboon was. Then we had to leave. I got really hot because my mom said I had to wear long pants and long sleeves and the car doesn't have air conditioning. I was panting and I also took my shoes off and drank a nice cold drink.


  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger GraceSaves said…

    Hi Julia! I read that you got your ears pierced. CONGRATS! Don't take those earrings out until it's time b/c I had to endure the "gun" 3 times b/c I took em out too early! I'm proud that you got through the fear. I'm also glad you had fun at the zoo. I want to go, maybe the baby and me can go with you sometime!! :-D I love you

    ><>In HIM<><


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