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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

School Days

School is really fun. I sit at Red Table next to my friend named Meagan. I sit close to my friend named Christopher. Just one seat away. The seat that's right next to me that's empty on my left side -- Christopher's on the other side of that seat. Simeon's next to Christopher, and there are no empty seats between those two. Red Table is right next to Blue Table. Well, not exactly right next. Blue Table is actually right behind Simeon. Gavin sits right behind Simeon. He always looks over Red Table and acts like he sits there. It really bothers Red Table. Morgan's seat is right in front of red row on the carpet. Natalie sits by Zakary. There's several extra seats next to Zakary on his left side. On Zakary's right side, Gabriel sits. And next to Gabriel, Sydny sits. And next to Sydny there are several seats next to her on her left side. There are several seats on her left side. After those several seats sits Zakary.

Red Table is shaped kind of like a flower with red around it. Blue Table is like a horseshoe with little curves around it. And covering up the little hole there's the bookshelf. The curve is the same shape as Blue Table except a little smaller. Behind Zakary, Skyler sits at Gray Table. No, black. I don't know what color it is because I don't know if the color is gray or black. Our teacher's named Mrs. Contreras.


  • At 5:33 PM, Blogger WinniePhew said…

    Hey Julia...nice Blog..

    I think you're going to have to draw me a map as to just where everyone sits in your class.

    In my office, I have just one desk. No one sits in my office with me. Sometimes I get lonesome. I like to be with people.

    Again, great looking Blog...

    WinniePhew --


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