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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Noise Maker

My baby sister sometimes can make a lot of noise. That's why I'm naming this The Noise Maker. She cries a lot at times. Like right now. She's crying right now. Sometimes she can scream and that's really loud. She's one of the loudest people I know that can scream and cry. Sometiimes when I'm in the car and she's crying I plug my ears and have a frown on my face. I think it can really bother me and be a little too loud at times. What about you? Do you think that can be annoying and loud at times? At times I really get bugged by it.


  • At 6:23 AM, Blogger David Smith said…

    Not to worry Julia, your little sister may be a pretty
    loud screamer at times now, but there is hope. Trust
    me, compared to your little sister, our Jonathan could
    blow her away with his hollerin' the first six months
    he was in this world (his mother says he had his
    father's lungs), but hey, look at him now - he's a
    quiet-spoken, anything-but-annoying young man
    (I say he has his mother's disposition).

    Never stop writing! :-)


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