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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My Zoo

I have six animals. Actually not all of them are fish. I have one hermit crab and I have one betta fish and three goldfish. My cat's named Spanky. My hermit crab is Hermie. My black goldfish is named Blackie. My white and orange goldfish is named Goldie. My black, white and orange fish is named Sunset.

One of my long tropical fish is named Eelie. My long red and white shark is named Red Shark. My white/pink kisser fish -- its lips look like it's kissing so that's why I named it Kisser. And my black fish that has stripes on it a little bit and blue on it is named Tiger. I wanted to think of a good name because it was the fish helping me find Kisser. And my baby feeder fish is named Squirt. Im glad none of my tropical fish have eaten it yet because it's cute. My frog that's white is named Jumper because once I saw it jump in the water when it was actually swimming. The betta fish I have is named Rose. Sorry I didn't mention its name. I'm such in a hurry at times. Especially when I'm in school. Some day I'm going to write about school days again when I get out of Christmas break.


  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger WinniePhew said…

    Julia: That's ok about not giving out Rose's name. I forgive you.

    But, what is the name of your green goldfish?

    Also, do you collect straw from birds' nests. I think that would be neat...

    Bye for now and love,
    WinniePhew --


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